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The Sound of Light

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Circle of Trust!

As Salaamu Alaikum/ Peace Be Upon You!

I would like to take the time to share one of my favorite poems!!! This is a special collaboration piece that I share with my dear husband Masha Allah! Insha Allah you all gain from it!  May Allah protect us in our marriage and all that we do!

A poem about Marriage, Love, Faith, Patience, and Fate in Islam. Written and Performed by the Empress of Inspiration and the Prince of the Poem: Najla Ruqayyah Muhammad Jaaber and Ibrahim Muhammad Heshaam Jaaber who after two years of Marriage are still newly weds in their own eyes as well as the eyes of others. May Allah keep them together and in all goodness and continue to shower His mercy upon them throughout their journey together as Muslims, and activist, and as partners in poetry. Ameen!!!

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An Opportunity to Strengthen Our Family Unit!

Do not miss this opportunity to gain concrete methods and techniques as a parent according to the Quran & Sunnah! We often complain about our youth but as parents are we truly nurturing them the best way possible!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spoken Like A Queen This Saturday

As Salaamu Alaikum!!! I pray you all are doing great Insha Allah! It has been sometime since you have seen me hear but I can assure you that I have been working hard Insha Allah all for the sake of Allah!  The Muslim Youth Summit 2012 came and went!  We were so pleased with the results and we have already began the discussion on how to improve form next year Insha Allah!  

For now, I pray you all are excited as Saturday approaches Insha Allah! We are heading back to the Tea Bar for another women's only open mic! The official title for this open mic is Spoken Like A Queen! As women we should possess the best of character and always strive to be an example just like a Queen! Not only are our featured artist Queens but each of you are a Queen in your own right! 

We have to dynamic features for the night. This show we will continue to highlight a local poet Nadiyah Sa'id and we will bring a new face to the stage Kashmir Maryam. Kashmir will be traveling from NY to be with us Insha Allah so give her a warm welcome! We also look forward to all our open mic ladies to sharing their voice and pieces of their hearts on stage Insha Allah! If you have a poem you want to share please do not hesitate to sign the open mic list! Not only do we want to hear you but we need to hear you! As a poet sometimes others find so much value in our writings because it is something they are going through as well or something they Shari the same feelings about. And sometimes those individuals have not found the courage to write about it or to share it on a stage. So Saturday is about courage, letting go of all that holds us back and being free to tell our stories! 

I pray each of us finds courage in some way Insha Allah, whether it is simply coming to the open mic and embracing the stories of all the poets who kiss the mic, whether it is being inspired and picking up your own pen to write or whether it is standing on stage and sharing the poem that you have wanted to share for ooooh so long! Insha Allah we all will be an inspiration to each other!

With love and smiles, Ma Salaama,
Najla R. Muhammad-Jaaber

Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Evening of Poetry Event

As Salaamu Alaikum!  
I am so excited for this Saturday Insha Allah!  
This event will highlight talented women in the community who have so 
much truth, originality and love to share! Come out and enjoy the many
 dimensions of poetry Insha Allah!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Video for The Sound of Light Poem

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I want to share this poem with all of you!  Every time I hear it or perform it on stage I can feel it moving through my soul and I am reminded of my duty to Allah! My memory of how this poem formulated and when I wrote it is so clear to me because before anything it reminds me that Allah is truly always with me, with all of us! Al Hamdulillah!  I pray the messages in this poem travel to your core and inspire you to take action Insha Allah!

With love,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 6th of October

Holding hands with my grandfather... 
I watched him fight... We all fought with and for him...
But we all came to accept the Decree of Allah

Indeed Allah is the best of Planners, 
from Him we come and to Him we return!

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Today has come again two years later... There is so much I replay of that day and those months!  Allah has blessed me to not allow the struggle of illness to wash away the beauty that we captured through the years! I am still learning and healing!  I am grateful to Allah for blessing my family with Maurice Mitchell, my grandfather!  He always said, "If you have a problem, fix it!"


(there is so much storming within my soul, but for now I leave you here)

sometimes the backyard becomes a forest because
someone didn’t mow the lawn
we try our hardest not to replace people so we don’t
we leave life as it is so that we can remember how it was
and I still see you
aged hands
caped bald head
frail physique
but muscled
until the day of meeting white walls for an extended visit
you worked…
you built…
you nurtured…
you taught…
you impacted our lives
so we question our movements
daring to leave the art of this house with your essence
hesitate to fix and remodel
because the initial repairs carry your voice
and I want my soul to capture those echoes
upon entering this house

transition is the beautiful struggle
as we caterpillar towards change
new days without you just don’t fit my agenda
I always see you
driving with tunnel vision
rebuilding the steps
or refusing help to carry the groceries
you didn’t have to convince us that you were a man
we knew it… but we wanted to assist you just out of love
I always see you
in that backyard
it looks different now
but your name is branded on every square foot
you paid your mortgage in full
and I thank you for leaving a mark
not only in my heart
but in the whispers of the wind
in the rhythm of the sunset
in the history of this land that my bare feet are addicted to dancing on…
I miss you like tomorrow is capable of being yesterday again

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Voice Box Footage

As Salaamu Aliakum!

I never shared with you all footage and photos from our first Live Edition of The Voice Box with G.I. Jaaber, Najla & Prime Minis!  I must say that this is really just a glimpse of the brilliance that took place on July 30, 2011 Masha Allah!!!

By the way we sold over 50 of The Sound of Light Albums that night!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Muslim Women of Spoken Word

Salaams Loves,

I was a featured artist at Muslim Women of Spoken Word in Philly.  It was an empowering experience to share the stage with such beautiful spirits! Here are some pictures and footage!

Enjoy, Insha Allah!

Organizers, Host, Artists
My Family!

Missing you all!

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I pray you all are at peace knowing that Allah has blessed you with another day to smile and share your light with the world!  There has been so much time between you and I.  The summer has came and gone! I was blessed to be fed with so much love, Al Hamdulillah!  During this time my husband and I performed at several venues, released my very 1st poetry album, organized The Voice Box Live, celebrated our 1 year anniversary, became spiritually lifted during Ramadaan, hosted gatherings at our home with family & friends, welcomed my nephew Sekou into the world, traveled to Hawaii and so much more!  Now I am here, getting back to sharing this journey of life that Allah has blessed me with!  I pray you gain from anything that I post on this page Insha Allah.  Know that I want to hear your voice, so leave comments and let me know who you are and how you are!  Life is about giving so let us give to each other!

We all have the power to uplift!!! So Insha Allah, let us do so!!!

Najlavision 11'
Relaying the Message

p.s. My album, The Sound of Light, is available right here for purchase! click the BUY NOW button above Insha Allah!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Excited to Release this Album!!!

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I pray you all are well, smiling bright and feeling spiritually high!!! Tomorrow is the big day Insha Allah that I release my very 1st poetry album, The Sound of Light!!!  I can not tell you how excited I am about being able to share this art with you all!!!  So much has been put into the album.  My husband worked a countless number of hours producing the album to perfection.  I pray Allah rewards him!  When I listen to the album I feel so free, uplifted, appreciative and motivated!  

Join us tomorrow at The Voice box Live where I will be releasing my album!  I promise Insha Allah you are in for a full experience!!!  We have been rehearsing so much and really working hard to make this more than a show!!!  We rehearsed at the venue yesterday with the lights and everything and it was amazing!!! I can't wait myself for tomorrow when it goes down Insha  Allah!!!!!!

Purchase tickets online:​/event/1856-the-voice-box/

I am going to stop rambling!!!

Love you all,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Voice Box Live Edition July 30th Newark, NJ

Salaams (Peace) Everyone!

July 30th is coming soon! Purchase your tickets online today at

G.I. says "This Is Not A Show, This Is An Experience. Long Awaited, Long Anticipated, and Long Overdue. Look forward to seeing all my people there and their people there, and their people's people there. This is a show for all people, age, race, culture (etc) because if it wasn't then it wouldn't be progressive. Don't miss out!!!"

We are working very hard to feed you in a way you have never been fede!!!

Also I am releasing my first album: The Sound of Light! I am excited and humbled to be blessed with this opportunity and I pray you all will join us!!!

973-534-2550 if you have any questions!!!

Kings & Queens of Spoken Word on Blogtalk Radio Tonight!

As Salaamu Aliakum,

Tune in tonight  at 11:30pm to for a great show of poetry featuring our youth!!!

SpeakN Volumez  in collaboration with HALLA Inc. (Helping Adolescents Lead Lives of Achievement) Presents Kings & Queens of Spoken Word hosted by Najla R. Muhammad-Jaaber.

For this edition we will be highlighting two very special youth poets from the Jersey area.  Luminous1 and Ayyub Cherry are talented poets who are eager to share their art with the world.  Both Luminious1 and Ayyub are two artist who are moving towards making an impact in the world through art! Tune in to get a taste of their poetic vibrations!  In addition we would like to hear your poetry for the Open Mic Session!!! Let's move the movement together by spreading truth through poetry!!!

If you would like to speak with the host, the features or just share a poem during the open mic please call (818) 369-0355.

We look forward to you all listening in Insha Allah!

Best Regards,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Snippet: Who is GI Jaaber

As Salaamu Aliakum,

How are all my najlavision viewers? It's been sometime since we exchanged so today I have a special treat for you!  My husband was on WBAI for an interview and this is a snippet that he put together for you all! Insha Allah you can gain some insight on who he is as a person beyond the professional hoops of basketball!

Remember: There is more to each of us! Share the light, blessings and talents that Allah has given you with the world for you can make an impact Insha Allah!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To My Sisters!

As Salaamu Alaikum to You All!

This is especially for my Muslimahs!  There is such beauty in covering our body, upholding our modesty,  pleasing our Lord by following His command, honoring our husbands by only exposing the jewels of self to him and loving ourselves by knowing our body is special and sacred!

The only hardship in covering is the hardship that we create!  Covering is beautiful in so many ways! And there are so many ways to be covered and radiant!

Here is a professional look for you:

Bologna, Italy 2011

Be a beautiful you... And let your outer garb be a reflection of your rare spirit Insha Allah!
I love you all!

Like a Flower

 As Salaamu Alaikum Beautiful Spirits,

Been some time since we last shared with each other.  I believe that we all have the ability to give a smile to others.  So I want to share with you my very special regular day, MAY 9th... it was much like a flower... I pray you find a smile in everyday Allah blesses you with Insha Allah...

Milan, Italy 2011

Dear Soul, Please remember days like this, when our smiles dance in the silence of our hugs! There is peace between us… there is love mingling with the wind as we glance back at each other one more time! You make my soul beam with the morning sun! I am free to glitter the sky with memories of our todays! I am in constant awe of this purposeful journey, how everyday truly is like a blossoming flower! WE are loving each other more and more as we open up and learn each other's spirit!  We are as beautiful as the flowers he adorns me with!  Today I feel light, delicate, grateful, and vibrant in his presences.  We are as beautiful as the flowers you adorn me with! Today I feel light, delicate, beautiful and vibrant in your presence! Allah answers duas!!!!!

I am grateful... najlavision

Monday, April 25, 2011

If ever I forget...

As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You),

If ever I forget, please remind me to remember... Everyday, every moment is another opportunity from Allah to try again...  We do not have to trap ourselves in the same routine over and over again... We do not have to settle in the unhappiness of our failure to progress... We can start anew by trying something new...

Photographer Unknown

May our spirits be full of faith in Allah to fly in unknown directions... 
Today take a chance, embrace the curiosity and freedom of your inner child... 


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am...

Poem: Reflection 2006


too frightened to look within
facing the demons of self could be torture
and the wounds of the past are still sore
while memories bring aching pains
so you refuse to reflect
neglecting the fact that you must grow
the only way to do so is to learn from our yesterdays
so reflections call us today

I hear this call… unlike others I refuse to ignore it
I feel it in my bones
my heart full of truth 
but my soul constantly searching
I look to you with sincerity, 
praying you can answer my questions
Deep… then Beyond
Beyond… then Deep
I have visions of tomorrow
but wonder if I have learned enough from the past 
to ever give birth to these visions
as I speculate you take my hand 
without ever touching me
you show me the way by teaching me 
to believe that I am everything they say I am 
but So Much More
you have never lied to me 
and you're too serious to pretend
you always speak to me
but your words are silent
you give me hope and 
you use tears and laughter to do so
never asked you to follow me but you insist that 
having you is healthy for my being
some view you as a burden 
but I know you are a lifesaver
always keeping me in check 
reminding me of all my bruises and cuts
and painting me with all my smiles 
that began in umi's belly
you echo in my ear the lessons I've already learned
and guide me to seek truth even in obscurity
you have never been and could never be tainted 
but only wide eyes can truly believe this
sometimes your presence stings but pain is cleansing
so whenever I ache because of you 
I try to do so with a smile
there is no life that could exist without you
but only those who truly live 
yearn to understand you
you are part of the light that steers me 
from my own darkness
in my most intimate silent moments you are there 
not only breathing wisdom 
but directing my thoughts
you remind me of why she named me Of WiDe EyEs
so now I mentally revisit that day daily
you teach me to look back and then to look forth
showing me that power lies in belief
and truth lies in yesterday
so as I've grown my faith has strengthened
you tell me again and again 
that I entered this world with a purpose
so today I possess a golden light within 
that has lit my way 
to being great not only for self but for the world
although your presence holds up my past 
you are still able to show me how to be a visionary
my love… 
my guide… 
my beam… 
my teacher… 
my shield… 
my partner… 
my reminder… 
I Love You
  wouldn't be able to function without you

For You are My 


                                Venice, Italy 2011