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The Sound of Light

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spoken Like A Queen This Saturday

As Salaamu Alaikum!!! I pray you all are doing great Insha Allah! It has been sometime since you have seen me hear but I can assure you that I have been working hard Insha Allah all for the sake of Allah!  The Muslim Youth Summit 2012 came and went!  We were so pleased with the results and we have already began the discussion on how to improve form next year Insha Allah!  

For now, I pray you all are excited as Saturday approaches Insha Allah! We are heading back to the Tea Bar for another women's only open mic! The official title for this open mic is Spoken Like A Queen! As women we should possess the best of character and always strive to be an example just like a Queen! Not only are our featured artist Queens but each of you are a Queen in your own right! 

We have to dynamic features for the night. This show we will continue to highlight a local poet Nadiyah Sa'id and we will bring a new face to the stage Kashmir Maryam. Kashmir will be traveling from NY to be with us Insha Allah so give her a warm welcome! We also look forward to all our open mic ladies to sharing their voice and pieces of their hearts on stage Insha Allah! If you have a poem you want to share please do not hesitate to sign the open mic list! Not only do we want to hear you but we need to hear you! As a poet sometimes others find so much value in our writings because it is something they are going through as well or something they Shari the same feelings about. And sometimes those individuals have not found the courage to write about it or to share it on a stage. So Saturday is about courage, letting go of all that holds us back and being free to tell our stories! 

I pray each of us finds courage in some way Insha Allah, whether it is simply coming to the open mic and embracing the stories of all the poets who kiss the mic, whether it is being inspired and picking up your own pen to write or whether it is standing on stage and sharing the poem that you have wanted to share for ooooh so long! Insha Allah we all will be an inspiration to each other!

With love and smiles, Ma Salaama,
Najla R. Muhammad-Jaaber

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