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The Sound of Light

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 6th of October

Holding hands with my grandfather... 
I watched him fight... We all fought with and for him...
But we all came to accept the Decree of Allah

Indeed Allah is the best of Planners, 
from Him we come and to Him we return!

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Today has come again two years later... There is so much I replay of that day and those months!  Allah has blessed me to not allow the struggle of illness to wash away the beauty that we captured through the years! I am still learning and healing!  I am grateful to Allah for blessing my family with Maurice Mitchell, my grandfather!  He always said, "If you have a problem, fix it!"


(there is so much storming within my soul, but for now I leave you here)

sometimes the backyard becomes a forest because
someone didn’t mow the lawn
we try our hardest not to replace people so we don’t
we leave life as it is so that we can remember how it was
and I still see you
aged hands
caped bald head
frail physique
but muscled
until the day of meeting white walls for an extended visit
you worked…
you built…
you nurtured…
you taught…
you impacted our lives
so we question our movements
daring to leave the art of this house with your essence
hesitate to fix and remodel
because the initial repairs carry your voice
and I want my soul to capture those echoes
upon entering this house

transition is the beautiful struggle
as we caterpillar towards change
new days without you just don’t fit my agenda
I always see you
driving with tunnel vision
rebuilding the steps
or refusing help to carry the groceries
you didn’t have to convince us that you were a man
we knew it… but we wanted to assist you just out of love
I always see you
in that backyard
it looks different now
but your name is branded on every square foot
you paid your mortgage in full
and I thank you for leaving a mark
not only in my heart
but in the whispers of the wind
in the rhythm of the sunset
in the history of this land that my bare feet are addicted to dancing on…
I miss you like tomorrow is capable of being yesterday again

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  1. Wow! Love it. A DEEP Spoken Word of Life 4real.